Antique Pharmacology Engravings by Winkler 1852

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Cinnamon Print
WIN43 $35
Cinnamon Print
WIN44 $55
Cinnamon Print
WIN45 $45
Olive Olea Print
WIN46 $55
Vanilla Print
Plum Prunus Print
Poison Ivy Print
WIN49 $45
Raspberry Blackberry Rubus Print
WIN50 $45
Cherry Blossom, Fruit
WIN51 $45
Walnut Juglans Print
WIN52 $45
Ginger Zingiber Print
WIN53 $35
Almond Amygdalus Print
WIN54 $45
Clove Caryophyllus Aromaticus Print
WIN55 $35
Carob Ceratonia Print
WIN56 $25
Chinchona Print
WIN57 $25
Cassia Fistula, Tamarind Print
WIN58 $35
Chinchona Print
Cassia Senna Print
WIN60 $25
Bitter Cucumber Citrullus Print
WIN61 $35
Cocculus Print
WIN62 $25
Poison Nut Tree Strychnos Print
WIN63 $25
Pistacia Schinos, Crete Print
WIN64 $35
Buckthorn Rhamnus Print
WIN65 $25
Sarsaparilla Smilax Print
WIN66 $35
Copaifera Print
Ipomoea Jalap Print
WIN68 $35
Yellow Gentian Gentiana Print
WIN69 $35
Common Sundew Carniverous Print
WIN70 $45
Ranunculus, Delphinium Print
WIN71 $35
Violet Viola Print
WIN72 $45
Oak Quercus Print
WIN73 $45
Henbane Hyoscyamus Niger Print
WIN74 $35
Ricinus Communis
WIN75 $45
Black Elder Sambucus Nigra Print
WIN76 $45
Iceland Moss Cetraria Islandica Print
WIN77 $35
Saba Sabadilla Officinarum Print
WIN78 $25
Pine Pinus Print
WIN79 $45
Valerian Officinalis Print
WIN80 $45
Acacia Catechu
WIN81 $35
Canaella Print
WIN82 $35
Chinchona Angustifolia Print
WIN83 $35
Elm Ulmus
WIN84 $35
Quinquina Gris Print
WIN85 $25
Quinquina Flava Print
WIN86 $25
Quinquina Huamalies Print
WIN87 $25
Rheum, Radix Print
WIN88 $25
WIN89 $25
Rhabarber, Radix
WIN90 $25
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Antique Pharmacology Engravings by Winkler 1852

Pharmaceutical Waarenkunde or Handatlas of Pharmacology was published in Leipzig during the years 1845-1852 by Dr. Eduard Winkler (1799-1862), a German botanist, scholar and teacher.

It is a beautiful work encompassing a comprehensive study of flora & a few fauna with pharmaceutical properties. It represented a self study for students of botany, medicine and pharmacy as well as homeopathic practitioners. The prints are on creamy, wove paper, with each subject beautifully arranged on the page, showing fruit, flowers, leaves and other segments. They are strong impressions, with beautiful, original hand-coloring and strong plate marks. Each print measures 8 x 10 3/4 inches, and has the original descriptive text in German.

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