Pharmaceutical Waarenkunde by Eduard Winkler 1852

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Pharmaceutical Waarenkunde by Eduard Winkler 1852

Pharmaceutical Waarenkunde or Handatlas of Pharmacology was published in Leipzig during the years 1845-1852 by Dr. Eduard Winkler (1799-1862), a German botanist, scholar and teacher.

It is a beautiful work encompassing a comprehensive study of flora & a few fauna with pharmaceutical properties. It represented a self study for students of botany, medicine and pharmacy as well as homeopathic practitioners. The prints are on creamy, wove paper, with each subject beautifully arranged on the page, showing fruit, flowers, leaves and other segments. They are strong impressions, with beautiful, original hand-coloring and strong plate marks. Each print measures 8 x 10 3/4 inches, and has the original descriptive text in German.

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