Warner Orchid Album Prints 1882

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Cattleya Trianae Formosa
WNR108 $165
Cypripedium Lawrencianum
WNR22 $165
Cattleya Morganae
WNR6 $155
Cattleya Mendelii, Grandiflora
WNR3 $155
Laelia Amanda
WNR135 $145
Cattleya Labiata Pallida
WNR121 $165
Laelia Harpophylla
WNR117 $145
Oncidium Forbesii
WNR104 $155
Ada Aurantiaca
WNR53 $135
Masdevallia Harryana Miniata
WNR110 $155
Odontoglossum Nevadense
WNR131 $135
Masdevallia Harryana Atrosanguinea
WNR105 $155
Odontoglossum Brevifolium
WNR27 $145
Cattleya Guttata Leopoldii
WNR16 $165
Oncidium Haematochilum
    WNR32 $135
Cymbidium lowianum viride
WNR200 $145
Odontoglossum schlieperianum flavidum
WNR201 $145
Cattleya bicolor measuresiana
Cattleya mendelii jamesiana
WNR203 $165
Laelia amesiana
WNR204 $145
Laelia elegans wolstenhomiae
WNR205 $135
Dendrobium chrysotis
WNR206 $145
Cattleya bicolor
Dendrobium moschatum cupreum
WNR208 $145
Odontoglossum triumphans
WNR209 $135
Chysis loevis
WNR210 $145
Phajus grandifolius
WNR211 $135
Laelia xanthina
Sobralia xantholeuca
WNR213 $165
Laelia albida sulphurea
WNR214 $135
Zygopetalum mackayi
WNR215 $145
Schomburgkia humboldtii
WNR216 $145
Miltonia spectabilis
WNR217 $145
Lycaste gigantea
WNR218 $145
Cypripedium schroderae
WNR219 $145
Cypripedium insigne
WNR220 $145
Cypripedium leeanum
WNR221 $145
Cypripedium lawrebel
WNR222 $145
Cypripedium insigne punctatum violaceum
WNR223 $145
Cypripedium selligerum
WNR224 $145
Cattleya schofieldiana
WNR225 $145
Cypripedium fairrieanum
WNR226 $135
Cattleya aclandiae
WNR227 $125
Catasetum christyanum
WNR228 $125
Cypripedium concolor
WNR229 $125
Saccolabium violaceum harrisonianum
WNR230 $145
Lycaste skinneri alba
WNR231 $145
Angraecum kotschyi
WNR232 $145
Aerides vandarum
WNR233 $125
Masdevallia davisii
WNR234 $145
Comparettia macroplectron
WNR235 $125
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Please click on each image to enlarge and for prices

Warner Orchid Album Prints 1882

We are very pleased to offer a series of orchid prints from the first edition of Robert Warner and Thomas Moore's illustrious Orchid Album, Comprising Colored Figures and Descriptions of New, Rare and Beautiful Orchidaceous Plants, London: Published by B.S. Williams, at the Victoria and Paradise Nurseries, 1882-1897. The Orchid Album was illustrated by the master illustrator of orchids, John Nugent Fitch. His original drawings are in the Natural History Museum, South Kensington. References include Nissen BBI 2107; Great Flower Books,p.80; 187; Stafleu 6282.

Benjamin Samuel Williams' obituary recollects the intentions of this magnificent work: "In 1881 he commenced his magnum opus, the Orchid Album, which was projected with the idea of supplying a demand for illustrations of Orchidaceous plants, with botanical descriptions of the plants figured and notes on their cultivation.... Its appearance was hailed with great satisfaction in horticultural circles throughout the world, and it numbers among its subscribers nearly all lovers of Orchids and many of our leading and most influential horticulturalists."

As orchid raisers of many years standing, obtaining these prints was a powerful reminder of the almost overwhelming beauty and magnificence of the orchid family. It is very easy to understand the life long fascination that orchid lovers have for these plants. These are hand colored prints with some lithography and the colors are very intense and fresh. We have compared the prints with others that are available and the brilliance of the colors in this very RARE FIRST edition are unsurpassed. Each print measures approximately 9 1/2 inches wide by 11 3/4 inches long.

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