Zoological Society of London Crab & Shell Prints

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Alepisaurus ferox, Long Snouted Lancet Fish

Chama Shells
Mithrax Crabs
ZSL1059 $125
Chama Shells
Othonia Crabs
ZSL1064 $75

Mithrax Crabs
ZSL1062 $95


Rhodia, Pelia, Herbstia Crabs
ZSL1066 $75
Beetles, Coptorhina, Lucanus, Pholidotus
ZSL1067 $95
Urania Fernandina
ZSL1068 $85
Beetles, Lamia, Prionus, Uracanthus
ZSL1069 $95
Ancistrosoma Beetle, Cecidoses Eremita
ZSL1070 $75
Beetles, Aploapicta, Chlaenius, Oiceoptoma
ZSL1071 $85
Athalia Centifoliae
ZSL1072 $75
Cancer longipes, Edwardsii, dentatus
ZSL1073 $45
Microrhynchus gibbosus, depressus Crab
ZSL1074 $85
Corals, Actinia, Xenia, Anisomelus
ZSL1075 $45
Prionus Hayesii
ZSL1076 $
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Zoological Society of London Crab & Shell Prints

We are delighted to offer this diverse selection of original hand colored engravings from the first and second volumes of the Zoological society of London. This organizations still exists today as a charity which supports science and conservation projects and two of the finest zoos in England, London Zoo & Whipsnade Zoo.

The prints shown date from the early years of the organization, when new discoveries were still being made & news of them published in these beautiful illustrations. Each print is in excellent condition, with a few fox marks as shown in the images, on heavy wove paper of a creamy color, some with very slight offset. The luminaries of the day contributed heavily to the work, including Edward Lear and John & Elizabeth Gould. Please note, these are not the smaller lithographs often found, but the larger size engraving, measuring approximately 12 inches by 9 ½ inches, with one double page insect print at 16 inches by 12 inches.

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