Joseph Wolf Owl, Falcon & Eagle Prints from Birds Britain 1873

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Milvus Regalis - Kite or Glead by WOLF
JGB524 $
Erythropus Vespertinus Orange-legged Hobby
JGB515 $
Otus Vulgaris Long-eared Owl by WOLF
JGB501 $1350
Falco Peregrinus Peregrine Falcon by WOLF
JGB504 $1150
Falco Islandus Iceland Falcon by WOLF
JGB503 $1250
Buteo Vulgaris Common Buzzard by WOLF
JGB507 $895
Aquila Naevia Spotted Eagle by WOLF
JGB512 $95
Milvus Migrans Black Kite by WOLF
Haliaetus Albicilla Sea Eagle by WOLF
JGB510 $1150
Pernis Apivorus Honey Buzzard
JGB513 $895
Falco Gyrfalco Norwegian or Gyrfalcon by WOLF
JGB514 $
Accipiter Nisis - Sparrow Hawk by WOLF
JGB517 $
Tinnunculus Alaudarius - Kestrel by WOLF
JGB518 $
Surnia Funerea - Hawk Owl
JGB519 $895
Athene Noctua - Little Owl by WOLF
JGB520 $595
Scops Zorca - Scops Eared Owl
JGB521 $495
Nyctale Tengmalmi - Tengmalm's Owl
JGB522 $495
Pandion Hallaetus - Osprey by WOLF
JGB525 $
Falco Islandus - Icelandic Falcon Young, No Text by WOLF
JGB526 $
Falco Candicans - Greenland Falcon, dark race young, no text by WOLF
JGB527 $895
Neophron Percnopterus - Egyptian Vulture by WOLF
JGB533 $
Circus Aeruginosus - Marsh Harrier 
JGB528 $
Circus Aeruginosus - Marsh Harrier young, no text
JGB529 $5
Circus Cineraceus Ash Coloured Harier
JGB530 $
Circus Cyaneus - Hen Harrier
JGB531 $
Brachyotus Palustris - Short-eared Owl
JGB532 $

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Joseph Wolf Owl, Falcon & Eagle Prints from Birds Britain 1873

With tremendous pleasure we offer these superb ORIGINAL hand-colored lithographs from the original first edition of Birds of Great Britain, published in 1862-1873 and now exceedingly rare. In the world of great ornithological works, this one stands very tall indeed and it is arguably Gould’s masterpiece - the culmination of a life spent in the world of nature and of many years experience in bird art and 19th century publishing. Fine Bird Books accords it 3 stars, which is a ringing endorsement. The original hand coloring is absolutely superb, skillful beyond belief, intense and vibrant, and the pinnacle of such art. In short, it is as good as it can ever be, and a delight to the print collector. John Gould was a self-taught English naturalist, a gifted artist and a talented taxidermist. A man of vision with a talent for organization and administration, he founded an empire for ornithological illustration, publishing more than forty large folio volumes. These works contained over 3,000 plates, all superbly drawn and meticulously hand colored. The first work appeared in 1831 and the last in 1888, seven years after Gould's death.

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