Kawase Hasui Japanese Woodblock Moonlit & Snow Prints

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Santa Claus in Snow Garden by Kawase Hasui
9" by 8 3/5"
SHN500 $375
Harbor at Night by Kawase Hasui
15 5/8" by 10 1/2"
SHN502 $375
Rain at Shuzenji Spa by Kawase Hasui
15 5/8" by 10 1/2"
SHN501 $375
Mt. Fuji from Tagonoura Bridge by Kawase Hasui
15 7/8" by 10 3/4"
SHN520 $375
Amakusa Honryo by Kawase Hasui
16 1/8" by 11"
SHN521 $375
Snowfall at Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto by Kawase Hasui
15 7/8" by 10 3/4"
Bishu Handa Shin Kawabata by Kawase Hasui
15 5/8" by 10 3/8"
SHN523 $375
Cherry tree at Koganei Cherry at Night, Koganei by Kawase Hasui
14 1/4" by 10 3/4 inches
SHN524 $375
Lake Kizaki in Rain
10 3/8" by 15 1/2"
SHN408 $345
Spring Night at Inokashira
10 1/2" x 15 1/2"
SHN401A $365
Nikko Kaido Line
10 3/8" by 15 1/2"
SHN407 $345
Autumn at Saruiwa, Shiobara by Hasui
10 1/2" by 15 5/8"
SHN512 $375
Snow in Miyajima
11" x 16 1/2"
SHN402A $365
Takegawa River at Dawn by Takashi 1932
printed after WW2, later copy but not recent
15 3/8" by 11 1/8"
SHN514 $345
Nishiizukisho, Mt Fuji
11 1/8" x 16 3/4"
SHN400A $375
Komagata-gashi Riverbank
15 1/2" x 10 1/2"
SHN405A $345
Snow at Shinkyo Bridge, Nikko
16 3/8" x 11 1/8"
Mt Fuji from Hagoromo Beach by Koichi Okada
Cut out on right is for printing alignment and not a defect
16 1/8" by 11/18"
SHN513 $275
Evening at Kintaikyo Bridge, in Spring
10 1/2 inches by 15 1/4 inches
SHN205 $375
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Please click on each image to enlarge and for prices

Kawase Hasui Japanese Woodblock Moonlit & Snow Prints

Kawase Hasui (1883-1957) is one the great masters of the Shin Hanga movement. Shortly before his death, the Japanese government declared his art work a Living National Treasure, the highest honor bestowed in modern-day Japan.

Shin Hanga, or “new prints” incorporated Western tastes and eye for beauty into traditional Japanese art. Their popularity is largely due to the efforts of Shozaburo Watanabe, a keen businessman who gathered young artists around him to learn the new European concepts of perspective, light and shade. Today, Shoichiro Wantanbe continues the long family tradition, and still issues Hasui prints from the original woodblock designs, and Panteek's prints as shown on this page come from directly from him. We rarely sell prints from the life time editions are they are now prohibitively expensive, alas.

Hasui was born in Tokyo and studied both Japanese and European painting techniques as a child. His interest in Japanese woodblock prints developed during his apprenticeship at the age of 27 with the famous Japanese painter, Kaburaki Kiyokata, and his friendship with another apprentice, Ito Shinsui.

The master of landscape prints, Hasui’s intense blue night scenes and the designs showing snowfall or rain are hugely popular with their vivid colouring and entrancing natural beauty. The artist's landscape prints hardly ever show people, partially because he was nearsighted and needed to wear thick glasses to see details. People also would not stand still long enough for him to work. He traveled the length and breadth of Japan to create his art, sketching out a scenic landscape before him then adding color later. On his return visits to Tokyo, Watanabe's wood carvers would make the blocks for printing.

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Japanese Shin Hanga Woodblock Prints

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