Elizabeth Twining Prints from Natural Order of Plants 1849

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Saxifragacea, The Saxifrage Tribe
TW72 $195
Equistaceae, The Horse-tail Tribe
TW73 $195
Juglandaceae, The Walnut Tribe
TW76 $265
Liliaceae, The Linden Tribe
TW77 $265
Plantaginaceae, The Rib-wort Tribe
TW75 $245
Amentaceae, The Oak Tribe
TW79 $275
Aceraceae, The Maple Tribe
TW80 $265
Rutaceae, The Rue Tribe
TW81 $245
Coniferaceae, The Fir Tribe
TW82 $265
Dipterocarpaceae, The Dipterocarpus Tribe
TW83 $245
Umbellaceae, The Umbel-flowered Tribe
Rhamnaceae, The Buckthorn Tribe
TW85 $225

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Elizabeth Twining Prints from Natural Order of Plants 1849

It is one of our greatest pleasures as print dealers to see many beautiful works before they find homes with our appreciative audience. When this fragment of Elizabeth Twining's Illustrations of the Natural Order of Plants, 1849, arrived from London, we were more than usually impressed as the work is so rare we had only previously seen a handful of prints at one time. The scarcity and size of the work, the rare artistry of the illustrations and the brilliance of the hand colouring make this a felicitous discovery indeed for the holiday season.

Elizabeth Twining (1805 - 1889) was born into an illustrious tea trading family who still provides us with many teas even today, including the Earl Grey beloved of our household. One of nine siblings, she grew up in privileged circumstances and was afforded the best education that could be provided in the day, including drawing and art lessons, travel and access to many famous museums. A great admirer of William Curtis, she was inspired to draw plants from life at famous gardens including the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew and Lexden Park in Colchester.

Today, she would be considered a woman activist. In her own times, she joined the select group of women such as Maria Merian, Elizabeth Blackwell and many others mentioned in Women of Flowers who all achieved monumental undertakings in a time when even a privileged woman's life was extremely restricted.

Her many causes included founding the Bedford College for women, renovating the Twickenham almshouses, establishing a temperance hall, and even holding "mothers meetings" which might be considered a precursor to our "women's liberation" movement of the 60's! Upon her death, she left her residence to the people of Twickenham. Her original drawings now hang in the British Museum.

This superbly decorative work was published from 1849-1855. The original hand coloured lithographs we offer here are from the ORIGINAL edition, in the superb royal folio size of approximately 13 inches by 19 inches and not the inferior later quarto publication. The condition of the plates is excellent, with no foxing and a high quality thick wove paper which is soft white. A copy of the title page will be provided along with the original descriptive text. These are a rare bargain at the listed prices, as they rarely appear for sale art all.

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