Edwards Botanical Register Bromeliads & Canna Prints 1815

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Crimson-leaved Canna
EDX1231 $45
Rose-colored Pereskia
EDX1473 $35
Naked-flowering Erythrina
Superb Adam's Needle
EDX1690 $45
Portulaca splendens
EDX34 $35
Dragon-tree-leaved Adam's Needle
EDX1894 $45
Blue-barked Acacia
EDX1075 $35
New Holland Cassia
Three-lobed Podolobium
EDX1333 $35
Brown's Stylewort
EDX15 $35
Sharp-leaved Echeveria
EDX29 $35
Fir-leaved Stenanthera
EDX218 $35
Glaucous Templetonia
EDX859 $35
Crimson Glory-pea
Red Cosmelia
EDX1822 $35
Smooth-leaved Kennedya
EDX1838 $35
Close-headed Kennedya
EDX1421 $35
Shaggy Gastrolobe
EDX45 $35
Vilous Zichya
EDX68 $35
Ovate Chorozema
EDX1528 $35
Dilated Kennedya
EDX1526 $35
Scarlet-leaved Brazilian Pine
EDX1081 $65
Drooping Billbergia
EDX1068 $55

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