Pieter Cramer Butterflies 1775

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Hypolitus, Herse, Ilyrias, Manto CMR10 $265
Each print measures approximately 9 inches wide by 11 inches tall.

Panteek is thrilled to offer these exquisite butterfly prints published by Pieter Cramer from 1775-1791. Papillons Exotiques des Trois parties du Monde: l'Asie, l'Afrique et l'Amerique features the copper plate engravings of Gerrit Wartenaar Lambertz and is now an exceedingly rare work.

Pieter Cramer (1721-1776) was a Dutch merchant and entomologist who made his fortune in Spanish wool and linen, and indulged in his passion for collecting natural history specimens. He directed the scientific Zeeland Society, where he gave lectures on minerals and which financed part of the cost of Papillons Exotiques. He enjoyed seashells, fossils and petrified woods, but his prize collection was of exotic butterflies and moths. Cramer commissioned the Dutch artist Wartenaar Lambertz to immortalize his entomology collection, showing in many cases both the upper and lower views of each butterfly at life size. The project expanded to include other collections in the Netherlands, including those of Prince William V of Orange, Willem Baron Rengers and Joan Raye, the son of the former governor in Surinam. Finally, Lambertz had depicted more than 1,650 species of butterfly.

Preparations to begin publishing these drawings began only a few years before Cramer’s death, and he lived to see Volume I published. His will provided for the continuation of the project under the editorship of Caspar Stoll, who had originally encouraged Cramer to publish. Wartenaar Lambertz continued as the draughtsman of the copperplate engravings, and between 1775 and 1782 four volumes were published. The work was the first color book arranging exotic butterflies in accordance with the Linnean system of classification. Many of the species were named and displayed in print for the first time, and several species have been lost to time.

The original hand-coloring is still rich and vibrant, sometimes with genuine silver. Each print measures approximately 9 inches wide by 11 inches tall on strong chain linked with very little foxing. Antique butterfly copper plate engravings have become exceedingly rare on the market and the superb artistry and beautiful original hand coloring makes these prints a wonderful addition to any collection.

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