Mark Catesby Original Bird Prints Seligmann 1768 edition

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The Cut Water
Laurus Major Rostro inaequali top margin tight
SLC60 $225
Sale Price:
Larus major
SLC61 $245
Sale Price: $165
The White-crown'd Pigeon, The Cocoa Plum; Columba Capite Albo; Frutex Cotini, fere folio, crasso, in summitate deliquium patiente, fructu ovali caeruleo, ossiculum angulosum continente
SLC64  $245
Sale Price: $165
The Purple Jack-Daw
Monedula Purpurea
SLC59  $245
Sale Price: $165
The Little Hawk
Accipiter Minor
SLC66 $245
Sale Price: $165
SLC67  $245
Sale Price: $165
Anas Christatus top margin tight
SLC71 $175
Sale Price: $105
The Pigeon Hawk
Accipiter Palumbarius
SLC68  $245
Sale Price: $165
The White-Face Teal
Querquedula Americana Variegata
SLC72  $245
Sale Price: $165
Hirundo cauda aculeata Americana
Lilium angustifolium flore rubro singulari top margin tight
SLC73 $145
Sale Price: $85
The Hooping Crane, The Bullet-Bush; Grus Americana Alba;
Prunus Buxi folio cordato, fructu nigro rotundo remargined at top
SLC74 $225
Sale Price: $135
The Canada Goose, Chrysanthemum; Anser Canadensis;
Chrysanthemum Bermudense Leucoii foliis virentibus crossis
SLC75  $245
Sale Price: $165
The Cuckow of Carolina, The Chinkapin; Cuculus Caroliniensis; Castanea pumila Virginiana, fructu racemato parvo in singulis capsulis echinatis unico
SLC76  $245
Sale Price: $165
The Ilanthera Duck; Anas Bahamensis rostro plumbeo, macula Aurantii coloris; Chrysanthemum Bermudense Leucoii foliis virentibus crassis
top margin tight
SLC77  $245
Sale Price: $165
The Noddy
Hirundo Marina Minor Capite Albo
SLC78  $245
Sale Price: $165
The Turkey Buzzard
Buteo, specie Gallo-Pavonis
SLC79  $245
Sale Price: $165
The Pine-Creeper, The Purple-Berried Bay; Parus Americanus Lutescens; Ligustrum Lauri folio, fructu violaceo, remargined left side
SLC81  $245
Sale Price: $165
The Finch-Creeper; Parus Fringillaris; Frutex, Padi foliis non serratis, floribus monopetalis albis, campani-formibus, fructu crasso tetragono
SLC82  $245
Sale Price: $165
The Yellow Titmouse, The Red Bay; Parus luteus; Mesange jaune, remargined left side
SLC83  $245
Sale Price: $165
The purple Finch, The Tupelo Tree; Fringilla Purpurea; Arbor in aqua nascens; foliis latis, acuminatis & non dentatis, fructu Eleagni minore
SLC84  $245
Sale Price: $165
The Yellow Breasted Chat, Solanum; Oenanthe Americana Pectore Luteo; Solanum triphyllon flore hexapetalo tribus petalis purpureis erectis caeteris viridibus reflexis, remargined on right
SLC85 $225
Sale Price: $135
The Crested Titmouse, The Upright Honeysuckle; Parus Cristatus; Cistus Virginiana, flore & odore Periclymeni
SLC95  $245
Sale Price: $165
Parus cucullo nigro
Arbor in aqua nascens
SLC87  $245
Sale Price: $165
The Crested Fly-Catcher, Smilax; Muscicapa Cristata Ventre Luteo; Smilax Bryoniae nigrae foliis caule spinoso, baccis nigris, tigh ton left
SLC88 $195
Sale Price: $115
The Blackcap Fly-catcher, The Yellow Jessamy; Muscicapa Nigrescens; Gelseminum, sive Jasminum luteum odoratum Virginianum scandens, semper virens, remargined left side
SLC89 $215
Sale Price: $125
The Ground-Dove; Turtur Minimus Guttatus; Zanthoxylum spinosum, Lentisci, longioribus foliis, remargined on left
SLC90 $225
Sale Price: $135
The Purple Gross-beak, The Poison Wood
Coccothraustes Purpurea, Toxicodendron foliis alatis
SLC91  $245
Sale Price: $165
The Bahama Finch, The Broad Leafed Guaiacum with Blue Flowers; Fringilla Bahamensis; Arbor Guaiaci latiore folio; Bignoniae flore caeruleo; fructu duro, in duas partes disiliente; seminibus alatis, imbricatim positis,remargined left side
SLC92 $225
Sale Price: $135
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Mark Catesby Original Bird Prints Seligmann 1768 edition

Mark Catesby (1683-1749) was an Englishman of prosperous background who became known as the father of American Ornithology. His rare and beautiful work The Natural History of Carolina, Florida, and Bahama islands 1748-1754 was published in London in two folio volumes of 11 parts each consisting of 20 plates, at a cost of two guineas a part. It was the first work to depict the flora & fauna of the new world. Catesby based this monumental work on his two lengthy sojourns in America, first from 1712-1719, staying with his sister Elizabeth & her husband Dr. William Cockle in Williamsburg, Virginia. The second visit was from 1722 to 1726. He returned to London equipped with a huge number of specimens from which he created the illustrations for this work. It took him 20 years to complete and as his funds were short he etched his own plates and even hand colored the first of the two volumes. The illustrations have an exuberance & expansiveness which has made them among the most beautiful and best loved prints of all times.

In 1749-1776, Johann Michael Seligmann, a German engraver re-engraved these Catesby plates, as well as many by George Edwards for the "Sammlung Verschiedener Auslandischer un Seltener Vogel" published in Nurenberg. In some cases, botanical and scenic backgrounds were added for superb decorative effect.

(References include Fine Bird Books, p.93, Dictionary of Bird Artist p.431, Nissen, IVB 859, Nissen, SVB 455.)

It is from the Nuremberg, 1768-1776 French Seligmann edition of the Catesby prints that we are pleased to present these plates in excellent condition. There is very little foxing on the plates and the strong chain lined watermarked paper is a beautiful light creamy color. The ORIGINAL hand coloring is very vibrant & the paper has a rare, silky quality to it. Each print is folio in size, measuring approximately 9 ½ inches by 15 inches with the occasional print having small margins on the gutter side, with some being remargined with original paper on one side as stated below the image. Most prints are accompanied by a copy of the beautiful title page and the original French descriptive text when available. This work is 250 years old and it is rare indeed to find these very scarce prints in such good condition.

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