Jacques Barraband Parrot Prints 1801


L'Amazone Tapire en rouge BRR88 $1400
Each print measures approximately 18 1/2 inches long by 12 1/4 inches wide

Jacques Barraband (or Barraban) was the son of a weaver at the Aubusson tapestry factory, and was a pupil of the flower painter Joseph Malaine (1745-1809). He also worked for the Gobelin Factory and the porcelain factory of Sevres. His most important work was a set of approximately 300 drawings for the scientist Francois Levaillant's three renowned ornithological monographs, including this work, Histoire Naturelle des Perroquets (1801-1805), a landmark in bird publications for its sumptuous color plates. Barraband is considered the foremost ornithological artist in nineteenth-century France , admired for his ability to bring his subjects to life through conveying the texture of the feathers and the vivid coloration of the birds.

Francois Levaillant (1753-1824) was a naturalist, the son of the French consul to Dutch Guyana. Sponsored by a patron to find specimens for his collector's cabinet, Levaillant made a six-month expedition to Africa, landing at the Cape of Good Hope in 1781, and returning to France in 1784. In Africa, he observed the habits of birds and amassed a major collection of specimens, also discovering some 50 new species. This became the basis of his monumental six-volume work Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux d'Afrique, the only substantial ornithological work published on Africa during that period, containing over 300 illustrations, and still admired today for the quality of the prints and lively style of writing. As was typical of natural history collections, the set was originally issued in 51 parts. The printing of the first 13 was supervised by the ornithologist J.B. Audebert, and the remainder by Langlois.

We are very please to present a selection of Parrots from Histoire naturelle des perroquets as this work has become very scarce on the market.

Source: George Glazier and Wikipedia.

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